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Marvaco invested in brand owners requirements

publication date: 2014/01/17

Marvaco made a massive investment in HD and Full HD production in Finland and Sweden,

These investments will ensure increase of high-definition packaging production in printing houses and furthermore raise Marvaco’s production capacity significantly in both Finland and Sweden, states Marvaco’s Managing Director Kai Lankinen.

Marvaco is the leading supplier of HD and Full HD Flexo in the Nordic region. After these new investments Marvaco possesses six Esko CDI’s for plate making. Marvaco has also added staff in the plate production.

This effort is the latest milestone in the series of investments. Being a high quality level supplier and continuing as a quality leader, Marvaco has continually invested in the latest prepress technologies from leading suppliers throughout the years.

The technical developments in the packaging printing industry have been so rapid that only companies that are investing in cutting edge technology, can be globally competitive, says Lankinen and continues, that companies can not just buy top equipment from the store, companies need their own R & D and tailor-made solutions, as it has been an important part of the Marvaco customers' success.

Marvaco is the leading and the most awarded Scandinavian pre-press house handling annually over 20.000 packaging visuals with more than 70 professionals in Finland and Sweden. In Sweden the company operates under the name Linds Flexo, where the company celebrates the 100th year anniversary in 2014.

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CEO Kai Lankinen, Marvaco Ltd
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