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Marvaco Announces Partnership with CSW Inc

publication date: 2017/05/02

Marvaco announces a strategic partnership with Packaging premedia firm CSW, Inc. CSW services North Americans clients out of three manufacturing facilities in the United States.

This trans-Atlantic business relationship not only leverages their combined purchasing power, but also amplifies the capabilities of each operation. Together, Marvaco and CSW will be able to provide a holistic suite of premedia services, such as package design, production art, prototyping, 3D rendering, color managed separations, and print management services.
Kai Lankinen, CEO of Marvaco Group, says, “The more we learned about how closely our two companies resembled each other in corporate culture and commitment to exploring new technologies, the more sense it made to join forces.” Both companies place great importance on providing innovative solutions to the package printing community. They streamline communication among stakeholders and support R&D projects that produce the best possible outcome for brands and printers. This includes independently but concurrently developed solutions for white ink coverage, high-definition flexo printing, and expanded gamut separations.

The similarities continue: both premedia firms provide print management and packaging development services to CPG clients as well as printers. “It is increasingly important in this global economy to maintain a consistent brand presence from one continent to another. We’ve created this bond with Marvaco to help our clients on both sides of the Atlantic do just that,” observes Laura Wright, President of CSW. Mr. Lankinen and Ms. Wright agree that their corporate affiliation will provide brand owners with a global packaging prepress partner to safeguard brand equity throughout North America, Europe – and soon, South America and Asia.


Kai Lankinen, CEO
+358 50 427 7616

Karen Leet, MarCom Manager
+1 800 800 9522

CSW Inc. works with printers and brand owners to make brand packaging more efficient and impactful. Family-owned since 1937, they provide packaging premedia services such as production art, mockups, 3D rendering, EG color separations, and HD flexo platemaking from production facilities across North America.
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